Regulatory News


22.06.2022: Springfield Properties Acquisition of Mactaggart & Mickel's housebuilding business

04.03.2022: Springfield Properties - Total Voting Rights

22.02.2022: Springfield Properties H1 2022 Results

11.02.2022: Springfield Properties - Total Voting Rights

27.01.2022: Springfield Properties Notice of Results

06.01.2022: Springfield Properties Correction - Director Shareholding

06.01.2022: Springfield Properties Holding(s) in Company


23.12.2021: Springfield Properties Grant of Performance Share Awards

21.12.2021: Springfield Properties Holdings in Company

20.12.2021: Springfield Properties Result of GM 

02.12.2021: Springfield Properties Block Listing Interim Review 

01.12.2021: Springfield Properties Result of Placing 

01.12.2021: Springfield Properties Acquisition and Proposed Placing 

29.11.2021: Springfield Properties Total Voting Rights

28.10.2021: Springfield Properties Result of AGM

28.09.2021: Springfield Properties Notice of AGM

14.09.2021: Springfield Properties Director Shareholding

14.09.2021: Springfield Full Year Results 2020-21

09.09.2021: Springfield Properties Total Voting Rights

04.08.2021: Springfield Properties Total Voting Rights

07.07.2021: Springfield Properties Total Voting Rights

01.07.2021: Springfield Properties Trading Update

15.06.2021: Springfield Properties Director Shareholding

11.06.2021: Springfield Properties Exercise of Options and TVR

03.06.2021: Springfield Properties Total Voting Rights

01.06.2021: Springfield Properties Trading Update

25.05.2021: Springfield Properties Block Listing Interim Review

04.05.2021: Springfield Properties Total Voting Rights

29.04.2021: Springfield Properties Director Dealing and SAYE Scheme

06.04.2021: Springfield Properties Holding(s) in Company

01.04.2021: Springfield Properties Total Voting Rights

25.03.2021: Springfield Properties Director Shareholding

23.03.2021: Springfield Properties Director Shareholding

17.03.2021: Springfield Properties Director Shareholding

15.03.2021: Springfield Properties Director Shareholding

26.02.2021: Springfield Properties PDMR Dealing Close

26.02.2021: Springfield Properties PDMR Dealing Launch

09.02.2021: Springfield Properties Total Voting Rights

05.02.2021: Springfield Properties Holding(s) in Company

02.02.2021: Springfield Properties Total Voting Rights

01.02.2021: Springfield Properties Notice of Results

22.01.2021: Springfield Properties Director Shareholding

21.01.2021: Springfield Properties Director PDMR Shareholding

06.01.2021: Springfield Properties Total Voting Rights


15.12.2020: Springfield Properties Trading Update

02.12.2020: Springfield Properties - Director Shareholding and Total Voting Rights

30.11.2020: Springfield Properties - Bertha Park PRS

19.11.2020: Springfield Properties Block Listing Application

02.11.2020: Springfield Properties Grant of Performance Share Awards

30.10.2020: Springfield Properties Result of AGM

02.10.2020: Springfield Properties Notice of AGM and Publication of Annual Report

29.09.2020: Springfield Full Year Results 2019-20

15.07.2020: Springfield Properties Total Voting Rights

08.07.2020: Springfield Properties Trading Update

15.06.2020: Springfield Properties Director Shareholding

27.04.2020: Springfield Properties Further COVID-19 Update

24.03.2020Springfield Properties COVID-19 Update 24.03.20

11.03.2020: Springfield Properties Secures £18.2m Agreement for Dalmarnock

10.03.2020: Springfield Properties Director Dealing 

25.02.2020: Springfield Properties PDMR Shareholding 

25.02.2020: Springfield Properties Interim Results 2019-20

31.01.2020: Springfield Properties Total Voting Rights 

13.01.2020: Springfield Properties - Grant of performance share awards


18.12.2019: Springfield Properties, Durieshill Village planning consent 

17.12.2019: Springfield Properties Trading Update 

23.10.2019: Springfield Properties Result of AGM 

27.09.2019: Springfield Properties Notice of AGM and Posting of Annual Report 

26.09.2019: Springfield Properties Annual Report 2018-19 

25.09.2019: Springfield partners with Sigma to deliver private rented homes 

18.09.2019: Springfield Properties - Director Share Purchase 

17.09.2019: Springfield Properties Full Year Results 2018-19 

16.09.2019: Springfield Properties Appointment of Non-executive Director 

02.07.2019: Springfield Properties Trading Update 

28.05.2019: Springfield Properties PDMR Share Purchase 

17.04.2019: Springfield Properties Total Voting Rights 

20.03.2019: Springfield Properties Total Voting Rights 

27.02.2019: Springfield Properties Interim Dividend Timetable

26.02.2019: Springfield Properties Interim Results 2018-19 

01.02.2019: Springfield Properties Acquisition of Walker Group 


17.12.2018: Springfield Properties Trading Update

13.12.2018: Springfield Properties win ProShare Award 

26.10.2018: Springfield Properties Result of AGM 

02.10.2018: Springfield Properties Annual report and notice of AGM 

01.10.2018: Springfield Properties Grant of Options 

18.09.2018: Springfield Properties FY Results 2017-18

30.07.2018: Springfield Strategic Land Deal 

16.07.2018: Springfield Properties Trading Update 

01.06.2018: Springfield Properties Non Executive Director Appointment 

22.05.2018: Springfield Properties Holding(s) in Company 

21.05.2018: Springfield Properties Result of General Meeting 

02.05.2018: Springfield Properties Acquisition and Placing 

23.02.2018: Springfield Holding(s) in Company 

20.02.2018: Springfield Properties Interim Results 2017-18

02.02.2018: Springfield Properties Notice of Results


19.12.2017: Springfield Properties Trading Update 

08.11.2017: Springfield Properties PDMR Dealing 

18.10.2017: Springfield Properties PDMR Shareholding 

16.10.2017: Springfield Properties Grant of Options 

16.10.2017: Springfield Properties Admission to AIM and First Day of Dealings