Elgin - Teindland Wynd - complete

ELGIN - Teindland Wynd

32 bungalows with shops, nursery and doctors surgery nearby.

Number of homes:
Moray Council
October 2015

In September 2014, Springfield Partnerships together with Moray Council started work on a £3.5 million project to deliver 32 bungalows to the south east of Elgin.

Moray Council identified a need for social housing, specifically for an ageing population. The development is primarily made up of two bedroom semi-detached bungalows, some with car ports. There are also three bedroom semi-detached bungalows on the site. With elderly clients in mind, these houses were designed with no stairs to climb or thresholds to step over.

Even window sills have been lowered so that the line of sight to the garden and street is lower suiting those sitting in a chair. This feature also heightens community and neighbourly awareness. 

A number of homes on this development were adapted to meet specific needs. One customer required their home to be wheelchair accessible. Partnerships installed a lowered kitchen and adapted the bathroom so it was suitable for disabled access creating a bespoke home that met this customer’s specific needs. 

The 1.97 hectares of land, just two miles from the centre of Elgin and within close proximity to communal social areas, as well as a medical centre, was the ideal place for the project.

A contemporary low key approach was taken when designing the bungalows and, as this is a popular house style in Elgin, the scale of these homes fits with the surrounding area.

 Great consideration was made to ensure the development is well connected to the adjacent development and nearby retail facilities through existing cycle and footpaths surrounding Teindland Wynd.


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