Environmentally and tenant friendly

Springfield has a continued focus on sustainability, carbon reduction and low running costs for customers. By taking a highly efficient fabric first insulation approach and employing new technologies and renewable energy sources our homes easily meet the high sustainability requirement of our clients.

The homes we build are designed and fabricated by Springfield and incorporate Scottish homegrown timber and other Scottish materials where possible.

The super insulated kits together with heating from renewable energy sources mean homes are highly energy efficient. This reduces running costs and helps beat fuel poverty for tenants.

Springfield Partnerships include a broad range of features to make homes more sustainable. From air source heat pumps, photovoltaic panels, solar thermal panels to waste water heat recovery systems and gas saver units we apply the systems best suited to our clients.

Homes are designed to optimise daylight and solar gain with the use of larger windows in the kitchen and living spaces and sun pipes can be installed in the roof  to act as a mirror tunnel directing daylight into dark hallways where the installation of windows hasn’t been possible.

Water butts, low level flush for toilets and flow restrictors in hand basin and showers also contribute to the environmental credentials of the home.