James Bee - Development Officer, Dunedin Canmore

Dunedin Canmore Housing, as part of the Wheatley Group, has worked
successfully with Springfield Properties to complete the third and final phase of
this quality, mixed tenure, affordable housing development at Muirhouse in the
north of Edinburgh. The project has been delivered within budget and well
ahead of programme.

The first two phases of this development were delivered by Springfield and
Muirhouse Housing Association, with Dunedin Canmore providing development
services. Dunedin Canmore became involved in the final phase and have been
delighted with Springfield’s flexible approach, from the outset, and through to
completion in Feb 2018.

Springfield worked with us to ensure our design requirements were met in a
way that provided best value but also produced the types of homes that met the
specific needs and expectations of our tenants. This development includes a
range of houses and flats for a variety of different household types such as larger
families, starter homes and homes for those with particular housing

These tenants will be provided with either mid-market or social rented
accommodation. The properties stand side by side and there is no obvious
distinction between the two tenure types.

It’s also important to point out that Springfield worked together with Wheatley
and Dunedin Canmore to provide employment opportunities to local people and
unemployed tenants.

We are of the opinion that our partnership with Springfield is providing a
fantastic product for our tenants – housing that is energy efficient, aesthetically
attractive and very comfortable to live in. Exceptional space standards and
storage levels have been achieved.

Dunedin Canmore is extremely proud of the Muirhouse development and the
contribution it will make to an emerging local community. We are already
embarking on new projects, with Springfield, on sites in and around Edinburgh
and the Lothians and this development has set an important benchmark for the
quality of housing we aim to deliver.

James Bee - Development Officer, Dunedin Canmore