Janette Topp - Hanover (Scotland) Housing Association

The Linkwood View development promotes independent living, allowing tenants to live in their own homes with a flexible care package. The development caters for all care needs, currently delivering 600 hours of care per week to adults aged 20 -90 years.

 This encourages tenants to maintain their skills and independence whilst being in a supportive environment. At Linkwood View, as the tenants have Scottish Secure Tenancy, their care package can increase and decrease accordingly without concern of the resident having to relocate.

 By providing flexible person centred care in their own home, tenants health and wellbeing is improved. The development decreases isolation while improving and maintaining social skills which are monitored by The Adult Social Care outcome framework.

 The varying levels and ages and care has allowed for a naturally formed community, where tenants support each other and are actively involved in community activities such as yoga and gardening.

 The response from the tenants, families and community has been very positive. Residents are happy here, their families have peace of mind and the local nursery has been heavily involved in development putting on performances for the tenants as well as winning the naming competition for Linkwood View. The development is a great success.


Janette Topp - Care and Operations Manager, Hanover (Scotland) Housing Association