Mike Allan - Grampian Housing Association

Grampian Housing Association has enjoyed an ongoing relationship with Springfield Properties since 1998 when we built a special needs house on a Springfield plot in Forres. Since then we have built over 500 houses and flats together in Moray by way of a variety of projects including three phases of volume procurement.

It has been both a collaborative and fruitful relationship which has benefited from continuing improvement and fine tuning, and has brought about the evolution of a range of high quality standard house designs which are, at the same time, attractive and energy efficient. In addition, several one-off special needs properties have been developed and designed by their now highly experienced team. Springfield Properties have been able to offer the Association value for money opportunities while employing innovative methods to deliver large scale projects on time and within budget. We continue to be happy to do business together and look forward to doing so again in the future.

Mike Allan
Director of Development - Grampian Housing Association