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Kitchen and appliances

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In your kitchen, all appliances work from your multi-gang switch. Each appliance is labelled to make them easy to identify.

Hob & Hood

On your hob, turn to ignite. They’re fitted with a thermocouple. If you’re ever cooking and the gas goes out, the thermocouple will cool down and cut the gas off.

Your extract fan is above your hob. It operates by pressing the one button to turn it on. You can select the strength of the fan using the other buttons. Press the one button again to turn it off. There is also a button on the far right to turn the light on and off. 

Air is recirculating as you have an extract fan in the kitchen as well.


To adjust the time on your oven, hold down the + and – button simultaneously. It will beep and allow you to adjust the time. You can then use the plus and minus buttons to set to the time you want. Then hit the clock button to confirm.

Inside, you have easy clean glass. The top just pops off and the pane of glass can go in the dishwasher. Be careful when you take the glass off, the door will want to swing back on you.

The left dial above the oven can be used to control the temperature and on the other side, you’ve got your settings. All our manuals for your appliances are provided and we recommend you read through these.


On the end of your dishwasher you'll find the on/off button. The other button allows you to cycle through the wash programmes and choose the one you want. Then just close the door and it will begin to operate.

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