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Communities for all

At Springfield the concept of community is at our core.

Alongside creating quality, energy efficient homes, we are committed to doing all we can to create sustainable communities for families to enjoy for years to come.

More than just homes

We know there’s more to a home than bricks and mortar. Your neighbourhood is just as important, and we like to make sure it’s everything it can be.

We design space for the kids to play and make lifelong friends, roads are drawn with safety in mind, we ensure easy access and integration with the wider community and if we can help you get to know your neighbours better, with the odd event now and again, we’ll do that too.

We engage with local authorities and local communities at the design stage and continue to do so long after our first residents move in. And we share your pride in a great new home as well as a great new location.

Our villages

Our Springfield villages provide more than just homes and the masterplan includes space for the provision of many local amenities. We are delighted to already have local shops open in both Dykes of Gray, Dundee and Bertha Park, Perth to serve our local communities. Supporting small businesses is also therefore central to our community efforts.

These large scale developments are carefully designed to meet the needs of young and growing families and we are keen to respond to community requests to enhance facilities where we can. At Dykes of Gray the masterplan included an informal ‘kick about pitch’ for football and other sports. However, the local children were very keen to have this facility enhanced with football goal posts and made a request through their mums and dads. Happily fulfilling this request, we donated football goals to the value of £2,000 and had them professionally installed on the site (much to the delight of local girls and boys). 

We commissioned the custom design and installation of a Dykes of Gray community notice board and, while many of the residents are very active on social media, both the community and Springfield understand how invaluable a well-placed notice board can be.

For Christmas 2021, we were excited to create in-person community events at both Bertha Park and Dykes of Gray, encouraging people to come together for the festivities. Having donated a 13ft Christmas tree and decorated this with solar powered lights at each village, we arranged for Santa to meet with children (at no cost to families) while carol singers from a local church group gathered to sing around the tree. A photographer was commissioned to capture the moment the children met Santa, with pictures sent to each family as a keepsake.