The Buying Process

We'll make it easy for you from start to finish. Here are the simple steps to buying a house with Springfield.

Which location?

Rural, town or city? See our current developments to see where we’re building now. If you’re not looking to move straight away, make sure you also check out our future developments.

Pop in for a visit

There’s only one way to find out which location’s perfect for you – to see it for yourself.

Arrange your mortgage

Whether through a high street lender, your own financial adviser or one of our recommended mortgage specialists we want to make it easy for you. We can talk you through some of the options and explain the technicalities to start the mortgage process.

Some of our properties are available for Scotland's Help to Buy scheme, or the First Home Fund. For more information ask our Sales Team.

Pick your perfect plot and house type

The exciting bit – choose the location of your new home, and the house type that works best for you.

Reserve your new home

All it takes is your signature and a small deposit – your new home is now reserved just for you.

Finalise your mortgage and paperwork

Your solicitor and lender will guide you through the process; everything’s a lot easier with a new home.

Choices – making your home your own

Using Choices Interactive and working with our friendly Springfield staff, and at no extra cost, you can customise your new home.  Choosing colours, carpets and layouts, selecting socket positions and visiting our specialist suppliers to select bathroom tiles and design your fully integrated kitchen – it’s all just the start of getting your home the way you want it.

Get confirmation of your entry date

We’ll let you know when your new home will be ready – the day when you’ll get the keys.

We’ll build your new home

It’s time for you to relax – while we get on with the important business of building your home just the way you want it.

See your new home for the first time

We’ll walk you around your new home – usually around a week before you move in. It’s a great opportunity to find out how everything works, and identify anything that needs done before you get the keys.

Handover – you’re ready to move in

The big day! We’ll explain how to get the most from our after-sales team – they’ll be there on the day to answer your questions and make sure everything’s just so. 

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