Energy is awesome...

16 November 2015
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The launch of Dykes of Gray in Dundee has been a fantastic accomplishment for us this year, and that has caught the attention of more than homebuyers.

The class of primary sevens at Ardler Primary School, taught by Pippa Semple have been researching proposals in the local development plan. Local Planning Officer, Julie Robertson was invited to the school to give a talk on the different aspects of planning.

“The class looked at the positive and negative elements in the proposal for Dykes of Gray focusing specifically on any impacts on the environment.” Julie said.

“This led to a discussion on eco-design and how these impacts could be overcome. It was a lively session with all the kids really engaging in what is happening in the city. They were even picking out their favourite house types and which plot they would live in!”

The children then looked at the different house types available at Dykes of Gray and discussed ways that the homes could be more eco-friendly. In teams, they built models out of cereal boxes and made presentations explaining what they had decided would make their home energy efficient and the impacts their design would have on the environment.

To make things a little bit more exciting Architectural Technician, Allan Young and Marketing Trainee, Dale Ashelford were invited into the classroom to judge the best eco-design and crown winning house.

Allan Young said:

“It was fantastic to see what each of the groups had produced. There are definitely some potential architects in the class judging on the floor plan drawings – they looked great!

“It was a really close call! It was clear a lot of consideration had been put into our house designs to find ways to make them even more eco friendly.”

Morgan and Ben scooped up the first prize with their energy efficient design:

 “They had renamed the house type The Morben as it was a collaboration of their names which we thought was really creative – and a great name for a house! They had used recycled glass bottles for the windows, recycled bricks, and sheep’s wool for insulation. The key detail for us that made their house stand out was that each customer who bought one would be given a bag of seeds to start their own vegetable patch in the garden – it was genius!”

Ben and Morgan won a Lego Big Ben and the runners up received gift vouchers for a local toy store. Everyone in the class was given a Springfield goodie bag, complete with Construction Worker Emmet from The Lego Movie.