Through the round window

13 May 2016
Through the round window web image copy

Many of us will look back on the TV shows we grew up with as a kid with fond memories, but Assistant Site Manager Lester Reynolds used his trip down memory lane as inspiration to engage with the local community.

Taking a lead from the popular TV show, Play School with Floella Benjamin, Lester came up with the idea of brightly coloured windows, fitted along the hoarding of one of the affordable construction sites in Elgin.

As the construction of 32 special requirement flats designed specifically for residents with dementia in association with Hanover Housing are built nearby the Magic Roundabout Nursery in Elgin, Lester was quick to spot an innovative learning opportunity to get kids engaged with the development.

The windows are different shapes and colours and have been designed to be bright, fun and inviting for the nursery children. They have been installed at a child friendly height so the kids can see the activity on site for themselves and witness the progress of the construction. He said:

“I grew up watching Play School and I remember that going through the round window with Floella Benjamin was always the most exciting part of the show.

“After the nursery staff had expressed an interest in the works on site, I wanted to come up with something to allow the children to see the diggers in action and see the progression of the construction from a safe area.”

As part of their efforts to work with the local community, Lester and the team invited the kids to the development for a construction Health and Safety talk. Plans are also in place to create a drawing section on the hoarding to allow the kids to draw what they see through the windows. 

Magic Roundabout staff, Angela Miller and Anne Hay have been taking the children to view the site, who have then been drawing pictures of the diggers and the site staff for a wall display in the centre.

The Magic Roundabout Nursery Childcare Centre Manager Helen Marr, said: “Lester sure took me back when he referenced Play School as his inspiration! The viewing panels have been a fantastic and welcoming addition to the nursery and the children have already been using them.  Parents have also given some great feedback and we look forward to watching the development as it progresses.”