Christmas comes early for Nairn Dunbar Golf Links

20 December 2016
Site Manager David Hector with

Springfield Properties is teaming up with Nairn Dunbar Golf Course and Ground Water Dynamics to address the links course’s water retention concerns as part of an early Christmas present for the club.  

Neighbouring Springfield’s Meadow Lea development in Nairn, the course has views across the Moray Firth and attracts golfers from all over Scotland.

Historically, the fairways of the 13th and 14th holes have suffered from drainage problems. It has been an issue the club has wanted to address for some time but the right solution hadn’t been identified. 

Springfield has come to the rescue donating an innovative engineering solution to make these water-logged areas of the course a thing of the past.

Springfield Properties Civils Director, Bob Macleod, said:

“Nairn Dunbar is one of my favourite golf courses and presents a very good challenge to all levels of golfers. Two fairways (13th and 14th) suffer from water-logging after heavy rainfall and are both extremely slow to dry.

“We investigated the problem for the club and eventually decided that Groundwater Dynamics offered an innovative solution which eliminates the problem with little disruption, low maintenance and zero running costs.

“It’s quite remarkable how it works,” Bob continued. “Thin, circular tubing is installed that contracts and relaxes with the movement of the soil. This creates suction and the tubing acts as a vacuum pulling the water from an area prone to water logging deep into the soil, allowing it to be absorbed back into the natural water cycle.

“This will prevent affected areas becoming water-logged without mechanics or a power supply. Once it’s installed there are no running costs.

“It’s self sufficient – the plastic piping is self cleaning, improves the drainage and soil quality in the area over time. It’s a long-term improvement for the golf course and it’s members. We’re glad we can offer our support to benefit our neighbours and the members of the club.”

This is the first time the technology, designed in 2011, has been used north of Edinburgh. It’s also been used to prevent water-logging in airport landing strips, farm land, and sports facilities worldwide.

Works started earlier this month, lasting just under two weeks, using the patented technology designed by Ground Water Dynamics. Nairn Dunbar Golf Club Manager Robert Kay is optimistic members will be able to see a difference within 5-6 weeks. He said:

“This has been an historic issue for the course. The 13th and 14th holes sit along where the river used to run in the 1800s so water sits faster in this area of the course and takes longer to drain.

“We are delighted we are finally able to do something about this, with Springfield’s generous support, as are our members. This technology will improve the quality of the course for our members and those visiting. Wetter weather will no longer result in disruption of play, giving golfers a better playing experience.

“We are hosting the 91st Boys Amateur Competition in August next year. This tournament is going to be fantastic for the club, over 250 boys from all over the world will be heading to Nairn to compete on our course. We’re already really excited about this so to have the drainage issues resolved by then will be fantastic for us.

“The fact this technology isn’t invasive, can be installed quickly and has zero maintenance costs once it is up and running is perfect for the club. 1,700 holes were drilled over the two fairways to install the drainage tubing that, once the soil has settled, will quickly and consistently remove water from the surface.”

With works now completed, Nairn Dunbar Golf club reopened the holes earlier this week.