Springfield First in Scotland with Solar Power Offer

29 March 2013
solar panels

Customers can choose to install high-efficiency photovoltaic panels as part of their home specification and let solar energy help generate both electricity and some income.

The slim Solar PV panels are a lightweight, low-profile fit on the roof tiles that blend in with the surrounding colouring to be unobtrusive and neat. Low maintenance technologies ensure reliability as they harness the energy of the sun in all light conditions, even on a dull winter’s day.

Easy to install and manage it makes access to Solar PV straightforward and delivers a highly energy efficient system designed and manufactured by a Canadian company. Supplied and installed by Inverness-based Cairngorm Solar Panels, the systems can save homeowners substantial amounts of money on their energy running costs and keep them warm and comfortable with outputs ranging from 4kW.

With no other Scottish housebuilder offering Solar PV as part of a new home specification, Springfield are able to offer an electricity generation system that attracts the Feed-In tariff that means new homeowners receive 15.5p for every kW generated by the PV panels.

They will also earn an additional 4.5p for every kW of surplus power generated and not used by the houseowner.  All of the income is tax free and index linked for 20 years and should significantly reduce electricity bills.

Installed by professionals during home construction, Springfield’s high quality PV Solar Panels can even generate electricity on a cloudy day with no CO2 emissions to threaten the environment.