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Heating and hot water controls - Daikin hybrid system

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This video explains the basics of operating your Daikin Altherma 2 wall control panel to program your heating and hot water.

The guide covers everything from setting a schedule for your heating to protecting your radiator pipes from frosting. You can save energy and money while still keeping your home warm during the winter months by spending a few minutes programming your heating.

The video is time stamped so that if you're looking for information on a specific topic, you can jump straight to the part you need. Here is a full list of what's covered:

00:00 Intro
00:52 Heating system home screen
02:08 The buttons
02:50 Setting the heating schedule
10:33 View your heating schedule from the home screen
11:21 Changing the comfort and eco values
12:30 Input your energy costs
14:22 Hot water home screen
15:56 Changing the hot water schedule
18:03 Adjust the temperature
18:27 Radiator settings
19:34 How your Daikin hybrid heating system works

The Altherma 2 uses gas and air source heat to power your heating and hot water. We also have another step by step user guide for the full air source heating system. If you don't recognise the control panel in this video, it's possible you're looking for the Altherma 3 tutorial.

This video is produced by Springfield Properties and not officially affiliated with Daikin.