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Bathrooms and en-suites

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All your bathroom sinks are 'click clack'. You just push the chrome button down to insert the plug.

To clean, the plug screws out and inside there's a washer. Take care when cleaning not to use abrasive chemicals as this could deteriorate the washer. Once you're done it just screws back into place.

Bath and shower

The bifold shower screen allows you to easily reach the bath controls. The top button twists left for the bath and right for the shower. The bottom is for your temperature control. 

Extract fans

All bathrooms and en-suites are fitted with extract fans. They're on 24 hours a day through a trickle vent. If you turn the light on, you'll get a boost off the light. If you ever have to work on the fans, there is an isolator switch outside the bathroom door. You can switch it off here and back on when you're done. 

En-suite shower

Similar to the bath, the top button twists to turn the shower on and off. The bottom is for temperature control. Your shower head has a button to change the flow.

Below, we have the drain. For easy cleaning, the top comes off and the plastic filter pops out. This catches any hair and other debris to stop it going down your pipes. You can empty it every so often and then just pop everything back in to place when you're done.