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Around the outside of the house

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Vents, drains and taps

Around the outside of your house, you have the hot water cylinder blow off, extract vents and your external tap on the wall. There's also your external lights which all have sensors and switch on when they detect motion. There's also the boiler flue and blow off.

On the ground you'll see the rodding eyes for your rodding point for the drainage. 

Gas box and meter

You'll also find your gas box with the gas meter inside (if you have a home which has gas heating, some homes are fully powered by air source). For your gas reading, press the A button. Also, in the corner of the box is your gas isolation valve. 

Air source heat pump external unit

There will also be an external air conditioning unit for your heating system. It’s powered by electricity, and works by extracting heat from the outside air and using it to heat the water passing through the central heating (similar to how your refrigerator draws in cold air and removes the heat, but in reverse). It can even do this when the temperate is below 0 degrees. To look after your unit, check every so often to make sure it is clear of leaves and debris, and avoid sitting any large objects against it as it needs access to the outside air to function properly.

Any problems with your heating system will come up on the controller display inside. If you're ever working on it, you have the isolator next to it. Switch it off then turn it back on once you're finished. Always contact a professional engineer if you are unsure how to operate this.