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Accessing the home

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Front Door

All front doors are fitted with spy holes and safety chains.

The best way to lock the door is to place your palm under the handle, push up into the lock position and then turn the snib to lock. 

Outside, wireless doorbells are fitted and your bell box is normally sitting high up on the wall just inside the doorway.

Dining Area

In the dining room, you have your TV point and media point. 

Patio doors open out. To lock, similar to the front door, just put your palm under the handle and lift upwards, then turn the key to lock.


Houses with garages have garage pass doors. They are self closing fire doors for safety. There is an internal thumbturn lock.

To open the shutter door, turn the key one way, then the other, and the door unlocks. Then just carefully pull upwards. Once you're finished, just pull the door back down and once it's back in its orignal position, turn the key again to lock it.