Public artwork installed at Dykes of Gray village

1 October 2018
Convener of Dundee City Council   s City development Committee  Lynne Short with Public Artist  Jeremy Cunningham

With art and design very much to the fore in Dundee following the opening of the new V&A museum, Scottish builders, Springfield Properties and Dundee City Council have teamed up with artist, Jeremy Cunningham, to install public artwork throughout Dykes of Gray village.  

To celebrate the installation of the art, a BBQ was held for the Dykes of Gray community – complete with a demonstration from the artist and activities for children. 

Springfield Properties Group Architectural Director, Mark Hamilton, has said:

“Together with Dundee City Council, we have a vision of creating a new place with it’s own community just on the outskirts of the city. This is well on it’s way to becoming a reality with over 130 homes occupied and a cafe due to open in the coming months – the public art is another piece of the jigsaw. 

“Once complete, Dykes of Gray will have all the attributes of a traditional village. There will be a wide mix of homes from apartments to larger 4 bedroom homes, play parks, shops and other public spaces for the community.  

“We were all really excited by the idea of public art for a new emerging community. Jeremy brought a lot of ideas to the table. We all loved his sketches of winged seeds, they speak of arrival, of putting down roots and growing. This is a really positive statement and reflects our aspirations for the village. People moving to Dykes of Gray, settling down in the village, starting a family and growing with the community.”

Planning Officer, John Gray who oversees public art for Dundee City Council has worked with Peebles based artist, Jeremy, on numerous projects in the past and has been instrumental in delivering the artwork. He said:

“Springfield understand they are building more than a housing development, they are creating a new village. I think they should be commended for their foresight in seeing beyond their role of the provision of housing. Springfield is building everything a new place would need and engaging with the people who are moving into their new properties to help grow the community that will live there long after Springfield have gone. 

“By including public art, a sense of identity is created within the Dykes of Gray community. Jeremy has crafted a remarkable statement sculpture, benches and other stone carvings that are scattered around the village using the seeds theme throughout Dykes of Gray. It has been exciting to see the village grow as the new community moves in.”

Convener of Dundee City Council’s City development Committee, Lynne Short, attended and unveiled the art for the community. She said:

“It may sound obvious but everyone has access to public art. It’s not trapped in galleries or museums and is therefore free to fire the imagination, encourage thought and start conversations. 

“It’s great to see new public art at Dykes of Gray being added to the dozens of pieces all around Dundee, large and small that brighten the city. 

“Public art belongs to the community and helps to make a place like Dykes of Gray village even more special.” 

To engage the wider community in Dundee, with the support of Dundee City Council, Springfield has reached out to local schools and will be running sculpting workshops with Jeremy which will tie into the art curriculum. The first of the four workshops will take place at Baldragon Academy later this month.