Rainbows visit Springfield site in West Linton

25 September 2015
West Linton Rainbows Site Visit

The Rainbows group, based in West Linton, needed to complete five challenges in order to accomplish their “I could be a Civil Engineer” badge.

Having already looked at structures, learnt about foundations, ground conditions and made paper windmills with a wind farm engineer the girls, aged five to seven, were well on their way to achieving their badge.

Springfield were delighted to offer the group a tour of the Springfield West Linton site especially as it so close to where the girls hold their weekly meetings. It seemed fitting they explore the development and get the opportunity to see the homes in the various stages of construction. 

Hannah Amos, a volunteer for the Rainbows, joined the girls with Springfield Employees at Robinsland: 

“The girls found it very interesting to actually go and walk around the site that they look out onto from their school playing field everyday. They were fascinated that they have seen the houses being built that their friends may one day live in.

It was perfect and I have had reports that all the girls are full of chat about how the houses are made.”

James O’Neil, the Site Manager at Robinsland West Linton, gave up his own time to lead the tour:

“It was great to give the girls a chance to see the different stages of construction and to learn a bit about the importance of health and safety on a building site. I hope the visit will help them secure their “I could be a civil engineer badge.”