New Springfield homes create camping fever

19 January 2017
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50% of the homes released in the first phase of the new Springfield homes in Elgin sold as eager home buyers wrapped up warm and camped overnight to bag the house they wanted. 

Sales Executive Ann Tomney, Sales Manager Joyce Hadden and Choices Co-ordinator Cisca Cameron were greeted with lots of enthusiasm when they arrived at the Duncansfield sales office earlier this morning.

The Scottish family business are building over 100 new homes at Linkwood farm just on the southern outskirts of Elgin. The site, set to house 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes – including designs to incorporate elements of the existing farm house – have created quite a buzz in the local community.

Local Gas Engineer, Joe McHardy was first in line having queued from 8PM last night. He’d recruited his Gran, Susan Bathean to take over at half six this morning so he could get to work.

“Joe is after the 3 bedroom Ardmore and there aren’t many released for sale in the first phase.” Said Susan. “We’ve seen hype in the past over a new Springfield development going on sale in Elgin before – we didn’t want him to miss out on the home he wanted.”

“I live in a Springfield house now, and my flat before that was built by them too. What’s best about Springfield is that everything is included. You pick your kitchen, get your carpets and your appliances and you’re all in. I know Springfield are a great company and build brilliant houses which is why Joe has waited specifically for this development.”

Susan wasn’t the only one waiting on behalf of a family member, Jackie Lister’s daughter, Deborah Wright and her partner David Blackhall have been looking to move to a larger home for the last year. Jackie said:

“Deborah works off-shore but she didn’t want to miss out on the plot they wanted. They’ve lived in their current house for four years now and they just need more space.

“My sisters live in Springfield homes so we’ve all seen the quality and heard about the options customers are given with their home before they move in. It’ll be great for them." 

Old friends Amy Stewart and Andrea Fraiser were also queuing from the early hours to secure the homes they wanted.

“I’ve been looking for a year now and specifically waiting for this development.” Said Amy. “The location is perfect for us. It’s semi-rural, so you’ve got the great scenery and you’re tucked away a bit but you’re not cut off – you can still walk to the centre of Elgin.”

Andrea had her heart set on the Huntly house style and has also been looking for a new home for around a year.

“I’m glad we came out so early. We’ve got the homes that we wanted, plus we’ve had a chance to meet our new neighbours too. Amy and I knew each other anyways, but it turns out we know a few other people that are going to be living on this development too now. What are the chances?!”

Six of the homes released for sale were reserved within the first few hours of the contemporary styles going on sale. Sales Manager Joyce Hadden has said:

“It’s fantastic. We obviously had an idea that the homes were in demand as we’ve had a healthy waiting list for the development, but we never expected to have customers camping over night.

“There was such a great atmosphere when we arrived this morning. Everyone was laughing and getting to know one another and most customers reserved the home they wanted which is the icing on the cake.”

The homes for Linkwood Steadings are currently being sold from the Duncansfield Development, also in Elgin.