Springfield staff jump for juniors at Aberlour Charity

31 May 2017
Dale and Jenni Abseil

Brave Springfield Properties employees raised over £1,000 by facing their fears and abseiling a terrifying 165ft off the Forth Rail Bridge for Aberlour Children’s Trust last weekend.

Marketing Assistants, Megan Scotland and Dale Ashelford took the leap with newly appointed Choices Supervisor Jenni Hughes and volunteered to represent the house building company for the 165ft drop.

House builders, Springfield Properties teamed up with Aberlour Children’s Trust at the start of the year. Springfield staff in Larbert have been supporting Aberlour Charity with monthly fundraisers like bake sales and dress down days and have raised just shy of £1,500.

For the Abseil alone, the Springfield team have raised an impressive £1,155 – smashing their £700 target and helping children all over Scotland.

Megan joined the company last year after being offered a position as a result of work experience in the marketing team. She has quickly become known as the adrenaline junkie of the department as she regularly pushes herself to raise money for a good cause. She said:

“My dad, Mark, and I regularly sign ourselves up for crazy fundraisers. In the past we’ve swum with sharks and bungeed off the Gary Bridge in Pitlochry in the name of different charities. We’ve abseiled together before and both absolutely loved it. We couldn’t pass up the chance for another adrenaline rush to raise funds, especially for such a great charity. A charity sky dive is next on my list.

“Dale and I were fortunate enough to meet a group of the children at one of the many services Aberlour offer and saw first hand the difference the charity makes. They are making a huge difference to children’s lives, but of course, this all comes at a significant cost. Without regular donations the charity just wouldn’t be able to improve the lives of children in Scotland.”

Having never abseiled before, Jenni was slightly more apprehensive about the staggering height than her co-worker. She said:

“I’ve always wanted to do something big like this to raise money for charity and when the opportunity came along I didn’t think twice about signing up. The kids that Aberlour help face their fears every day and if I could face mine, just once, to raise money to help them, then I knew it would be worth it.

“Everyone has been so supportive and generous with their donations, particularly other staff in the company – we’re so thrilled to have raised over £1000! We’ve done ourselves, Springfield and Aberlour proud.”

The Springfield staff have other fun ideas to continue to raise money for the charity – including a charity leg wax. Megan said:

“We thought a charity leg wax would be something fun for the staff in the office that will increase awareness about Aberlour and raise money too.”

Morag McGown, Regional Fundraiser for the charity is really impressed with the efforts of the staff:

“I would like to thank the brave staff that abseiled for our charity and for raising such a magnificent sum of £1,155. They looked so cool, calm and collected in their photos. What a result and what a team.

“This fabulous donation will allow us to make plans for the future and to expand our current services, ensuring that more and more children receive the loving, nurturing care they need. I’m looking forward to coming along to witness the leg wax this week!”

To learn more about Aberlour Scotland’s Children’s Charity, or to get involved, head to www.aberlour.org.uk.