Shaun Donnelly and Hannah Johnstone • Braehead

Shaun and Hannah Edit

We started looking at two bedroom apartments close to Glasgow for our first home together. We considered Finnieston but we liked the idea of the Springfield flats in Braehead too. We were at an advantage as Shaun works for Springfield so we knew a lot about them. We looked at other areas, other builders and the second-hand market too, but we kept coming back to Springfield because of the level of Choices included.

As we’re first time buyers, we didn’t want the added hassle or the extra cost of decorating the way we wanted like we would’ve had to if we’d bought second hand. With Springfield, we still got to pick everything we wanted, and as it is included in the cost of the home, it’s included in our mortgage.

Naturally we had a nosey around the show home and it firmed up everything I had been told about Springfield. The quality was clear and I was so surprised at what was included in the home as standard.

We opted for a top floor flat. There are great views out of the large windows and we chose this layout because of the extra window in the kitchen. We get the sunlight right through which really helps to keep the flat warm even when the heating isn’t on. 

There is heaps of storage too. We’ve a huge cupboard and we’ve shelved the other storage space, then there are the fitted wardrobes too.

Kitchen Edit

The best part for us though was the Choices. We organised a ‘Choices Day’. We visited each supplier and picked all the options for our home. It was a great day, lots of fun and made things so much easier as all our choices were fresh in our mind.

We picked a few extras, like the induction hob in the kitchen. But there was such a great level of choice for the doors and the worktops, we picked our kitchen from the standard range and even got the wrap around which I’d have thought would have been an upgrade.

I loved that we could pick what we wanted as it meant that it felt like home from the second we were given the keys. It was the way we wanted it and we didn’t need to do any of the work. 

Living room edit

One of our friends bought a new build around the same time as us and they’ve had a totally different buying experience. Hearing about their new home really highlighted the extent of what is included with Springfield and the level of Choice.

They were given their keys in October and only moved in the middle of December. They’ve had to spend months decorating and getting the home ready before they could live there. We got our keys 15th December. By that evening, everything was unpacked, the Christmas tree was even up and it felt like home already.

It was a great time to move in. Friends and family came over throughout the holidays and they were all so impressed.

The sales executive, Laura, was fantastic from reservation right through to move in. As first time buyers, the whole process can seem a tad overwhelming, but she made things so easy.

I’m so impressed with the quality and finish of the home. There have been a few minor snagging things which is to be expected with a new build as the home settles, but the site Manager Stevie, has been so great.

We’ve not been here for long, but we are already really happy in our home. It’s everything we wanted it to be.