Building the most energy efficient homes we can.

Compared to a home from just 20 or 30 years ago, it takes substantially less energy to run a new home.

That’s good news for new homeowners, making homes more affordable to run in the face of rapidly rising energy costs. CO2 emissions are substantially reduced too, so modern new homes are good for your pocket and the environment. 

At Springfield we believe in building the best, most energy efficient homes we can for our customers; that means having a real commitment to continuous improvement.

Energy efficient homes and the environment

Duncanshill Elgin 2 EMREnergy efficient homes reduce household impact on the environment by using around a quarter of the energy used by an older traditional home, as shown by ZeroCarbonHub, an NHBC Foundation, industry recognised organisation. And that means lower energy bills, now and in the future as prices rise, because it takes far less electricity and gas to keep the home warm and comfortable.

New homes are designed to keep the heat in and the cold out. They have high levels of insulation and air tightness, and outstanding heat retaining performance from windows, doors and the timber frame structure.

Sourcing, re-cycling and minimising waste

We build and source and re-cycle with respect for the environment too. Innovative construction methods in our factory and on-site allow greater quality control and minimise waste. Where possible, we source locally to support local business and reduce delivery distances. We also use recycled materials and we re-cycle our own waste materials whenever we can.

Research and development

Striving always to build the best homes we can, we run innovation, research and development programmes in-house. Some questions are too big for us to answer alone, so we work in collaboration with academics, suppliers and other partners from industry. In 2012 we designed and built Scotland’s first zero carbon home to meet the 2016 building regulations.

Our approach to building more energy efficient homes contributed to Springfield becoming Scottish House Builder of the Year, and recognised for environmental excellence by Homes for Scotland and the Scottish Home Awards in 2015.

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Timber frame construction and energy efficiency

A new Springfield home is built around a timber frame.

The Level EMRTimber frame construction is the fastest growing method of construction in the world and makes up over 70% of the Scottish new build housing market. Advances in recent years mean timber frame construction is the best value and most sustainable choice for house construction.

Timber frame offers many benefits to home owners and the environment:

  • Timber is one of the most sustainable building materials being cultivated, natural, renewable and carbon neutral during its working lifetime.
  • Timber provides a highly efficient building material which allows excellent air tightness, the incorporation of high levels of insulation and reduced loss of heat through the structure. Keeping cold out and warmth in means less energy is needed to heat homes reducing fuel bills and carbon emissions.
  • Precision-engineered kits mean minimal wastage of material, accurate production of individually designed kits, timely, programmed delivery of each kit and quick on site construction, saving time and reducing cost for customers.
  • Timber frame structures offer excellent acoustic and fire properties which exceed the strictest of current regulations.  
  • Timber offers maximum design flexibility in terms of size, layout and internal and external finish. Timber kits mean we can build your home to suit you.
  • Timber is a robust material; a timber frame home built today will serve many generations to come.

At Springfield we have a team of dedicated timber kit design and production experts. Their expertise means we can design and engineer a unique home for each customer.Pic 3

Once designed, each kit is manufactured in our own factory under our strict quality standards. Once on site, our construction team will quickly have your home erected and weather tight.

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