Help to Buy (Scotland)

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Help to Buy is available for you to reserve now.

Help to Buy (Scotland) is a Scottish Government backed scheme to help you buy your new home. The scheme will allocate £195 million over three years to help those who want to buy a new-build home.

How it works for you

  • You can apply through the scheme for homes up to the value of £200,000.
  • A 5% deposit is needed
  • The Government will help you fund up to 15% of the value of your new home
  • Available to first time buyers and homeowners
  • Only new-build homes qualify for Help to Buy
  • You can repay the equity stake throughout the life of the mortgage or on sale of the home

How to apply

Come and speak to our sales executives. They will talk you through the process and put you in touch with an independent financial adviser. They will then contact a Help to Buy agent who will send you the application form. Once the form is submitted the agent will get back to you within five working days to let you know if you are eligible.

If you would like more information you can find it on the Scottish Government website.

Find the location of your new home here.